Friday, November 17, 2000

What is Oshkosh Music Scene?

We know the life.
We know you work hard.
And we know that you are doing what you love.
Despite many people being hella jealous of your awesome life, we also understand that the life of a musician also has some “hard knocks”.

Because Oshkosh Music Scene is an online music community
built by musicians for musicians.

Oshkosh Music Scene’s long term goal is to provide a support system for Oshkosh musicians, artists, and music venues by providing and showcasing things that one may find difficult to create or utilize. Ex-Promotion techniques,how to book a show, how to deal with the press, etc.

Oshkosh Music Scenes Long-term Goal is:

Oshkosh Music Scene is a website built on a free server. Not one penny will be spent in the making of the Oshkosh Music Scene website. This is to set an example to bands and artists by allowing and demonstrating a type of grassroots promotion that can attract people and listeners from around the world.

1.To provide a calendar showcasing all scheduled musical acts in Oshkosh. This page will help local music venues who do not have a website yet, by allowing a free form of advertisement for upcoming shows. This page will also benefit bands that do not have a sufficent way to promote their shows.

2. To provide a listing of every venue in Oshkosh that hosts musical acts. Each listing should eventually include: all information about how to book a show at that venue, stage size, gear provided, typical show atmosphere and more. Each listing will be accessible to the public.

3. To provide a photo gallery that includes images of recent shows. The public will eventually be able to submit their own photos.

4. To provide an area where musicians can communicate with each other on any issue they want. The community will also be able to participate in this forum area.
Eventually a gear-swap forum many also be established.

5. To provide the hints and links at how to start your own grassroots band promotion.
Including: Booking, dealing with the press, promoting your own show, getting images of your band, how to record and more!

6. To allow the public to give feedback to every single post and also allow musicians and artists to give their own two cents about anything music related. Articles, tips, and hints will be encouraged to be submitted.