Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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Check out the band Armada.
Originally formed as a four piece punk band, Armada has evolved into a fast paced, hard rocking power trio. Formed in the small town of Omro, WI, all three members have found the way to blend alternative rock, punk, and hard rock into their own separate styles. Armada is a band with the ability to write rhythmically pounding and lyrically pleasing songs. On stage Armada delivers a roller coaster of emotion. They rock the crowd with a mixture of catchy melodies and interesting rhythms. Although a band with a passion for distorted guitar riffs, grooving bass lines and fast pounding drum beats, Armada also enjoys delivering a taste of mellow, acoustic sounds.

Show Schedule:

Rock Island Cafe in Neenah on May 18th

Algoma Town Hall in Oshkosh on May 19th

June 16th at Paradigm Cofee house in Sheboygan